Muhammad Hanif


What to know about Muhammad:

comes from:  Pakistan


2004-2006 Ms, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan

2007-2010 PhD, University of Vienna, Austria

2013 – postdoc, The University of Auckland, New Zealand


     2012 – Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship (FWF)

     2007 -Doctoral Scholarship (HEC)

Hobbies: Cricket, Travelling, Sleeping

Languages: English, Urdu (What about German?)

What he thinks of himself:

I could be a morning person, if morning happened to be around noon.

What his labmates think of him:

Very helpful!

He is a good listener; this makes his personality charming and polishes his knowledge.

Muhammad is a treasure for any working group, he is calm, kind and smart. He is my      good friend.

Muhammad knows many things and is a crystal manufacturer.

Humble, sober-minded

Critical thinker



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