ChemComm Symposium 2019 Program

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Time April 15, Medium Chemistry Lecture Theatre, University of Auckland
8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:15 Opening remarks – Penny Brothers and Philippa Ross
9:15-9:45 Rachel Caruso
Materials Chemistry for Water and Energy Challenges
9:45-10:15 Amy Prieto
Developing Strategies for Designing the Synthesis of Ternary Nanoparticles for Applications in Photovoltaics
10:15-10:45 Daniel Gamelin
Solar Quantum Cutting and Spectral Downconversion using Ytterbium-Doped Metal-Halide Perovskites
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-11:45 Manfred Scheer
The Magic of Five-fold Symmetry
11.45-12.15 T Don Tilley
The Role of Catalytic Oxo Metal Clusters in Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis
12:15-12:45 Jonathan Sessler
Adventures in Expanded Porphyrin Chemistry
12:45-1:15 Penny Brothers
Lighting up sugars and other adventures with boron pyrroles
1:15-2:15 Lunch/Poster session
2:15-2:45 Jonathan Steed
Old Medicines in New Forms for Supramolecular Gels
2:45-3:15 Can Li
Practical Artificial Photosynthesis for Solar Fuel Production
3:15-3:45 S Ramakrishnan
Shepherding Folding in Synthetic Polymers
3:35-4:15 Jean-Louis Reymond
Fighting Multidrug Resistant Bacteria with Peptide Dendrimers and Bicyclic Peptides
4:15-4:45 Veronique Gouverneur
Late stage fluorination: lessons to be learned from the fluorinase enzyme
4:45-5:00 Closing remarks
Drinks and Nibbles


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